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The best technology for SEO is the one that is assessed by the official Google official Google audits (Lighthouse Audit) as perfect.

Given that Google's algorithm is secret, the only way to prove that a site is technologically that a page is technologically perfect for SEO is through its official audits.

But it is not only important to have a better audit in place, it´s official SEO guide. They explain the rest of the features that have to be fulfilled step by step, such as the importance of titles, tags, AMP framework... If you would like a summary, you can also access the SEO tutorial.

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Applying the perfect technology serves 2 objectives: To improve the user experience and, and, therefore, increase sales, and to be valued as optimal in SEO and to be in the first positions of the search engine search engine positions for the keywords we are interested in. If we want to be in the coveted first positions, we will also have to have attractive content, good linkbuilding, adaptation to different devices... But undoubtedly the most important step is the first one, having the perfect technology to stand out from the competition. If the website takes a long time to load (it is not AMP), the content does not read correctly, the accessibility is deficient... in short, if the user experience is technologically bad, it will never compete in positioning.

In recent years companies have seen the value of increasing visits to their website from interested customers, and have specialised in SEO. For that reason, if we want to beat the competition, it is not enough to have a very good technology, it has to be perfect. technology, it has to be perfect.

An example of a technologically perfect website is the one you are browsing: bestseotechnology. All parameters are perfect, including AMP and PWA, which provides outstanding positioning. As you can see, the website is designed with pure code and 3D, and it serves as a demonstration that it is possible to apply perfect technology to any website. The other example is applied in the Uthorp platform , in which pages created by customers automatically apply the technology.

What does the Lighthouse Audit value?

This is a quick audit test that anyone can access from Google Chrome. You have to open the page to be evaluated and click on the right button - inspect - and on the top right menu that opens right menu that opens Lighthouse or >> if it does not appear - indicate if we are on mobile or computer - Analyze Page Load.

We can also access it from the direct link provided by Google Pagespeed. After a few seconds, the result is obtained on 4 parameters: Performance (including loading speed), Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO and Progressive Web App.

Why AMP is so important

If there is one parameter that is more important than the others, it is undoubtedly the loading speed. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a set of tools and technologies developed by Google to improve the loading speed of web pages on mobile devices..

AMP uses a set of standards and specific rules to optimise page loading and reduce the time it takes for pages to display in the browser. the waiting time for pages to be displayed in the browser.

This parameter does not appear in the Lighthouse audit, but Google also offers the possibility to check it, through its link to AMP test.

The main goal of AMP is to improve the user experience on mobile devices by making web pages load faster and smoother. web pages load faster and smoother. This increases the number of visitors, as it helps to increase site traffic and reduce the bounce rate (people who leave the site after viewing a single page). viewing a single page).

What are Enriched Outcomes

Google rich results are search results that include additional content, such as images, videos or pricing information, on the Google search results page. These results are presented in a more visual and appealing way than traditional search results and can help improve site traffic and increase the search rate and increase click-through rates.

Enriched results can be displayed for different types of searches, such as product searches, restaurant searches or event searches. They can be displayed in different formats, such as cards lists or carousels, and can be displayed in different locations on the search results page, such as at the top or on the side.

To get rich results in Google, it is important to use special tags and markup in your website content so that Google can understand the context and display appropriate content. content on your website so that Google can understand the context and display the right content.

As always, Google has the possibility to check if our website has rich results, It does this through the enriched results test.

How to check if you have the best SEO technology

In short, the best technology for SEO is the one that is optimal for Google. To prove it, offers the Lighthouse Audit, AMP test and Rich Results test.

For simple pages that are automatically positioned including the company's data you can visit

If we want to create an entire website with this technology, the technology is included in our website, or to have a customised platform for the creation of 100% technologically perfect automatic pages, you can contact Contact Best SEO Technology.

SEO positioning

When we talk about SEO positioning, we refer to the position in the search engine results. There are several widely used search engines such as Bing, Yandex, or Brave, among others. However, it isGooglethe one with the largest market share, with more than 92%.

The evaluation for the ranking is carried out through an algorithm that collects information on all available web pages, and based on their parameters, organizes the results for user searches.

These searches are the so-called keywords, word or words that are entered into the search engine according to the intention of the user.

The results it offers are divided into ads, a maximum of four per page, local results through Google Maps, answers to the most frequently asked questions by users, results of the best positioned web pages for the intention of that search, and the most frequent queries. common searches related to the keyword.

Compliance with the parameters of the algorithm offered by search engines will be what determines the order of the pages they display. This algorithm is secret and unknown by companies and users. However, SEO agencies and experts in the sector have quite accurate information on how this algorithm works.

The experience and the results obtained have allowed us to know in general terms which parameters are most important in assessing the order of the pages to be displayed. Among the most prominent factors are the technology, the quality of the content, and the external links connected to the page.

SEO Technology

Regarding technology, the loading speed and the absence of errors on the page imply a substantial improvement in the user experience, which is highly valued for its positioning.

AMP, PWA or Enriched Results, among others, must always be correctly configured on web pages so that search engines improve their ranking in the results.


Regarding the content, the most important thing is the quality and quantity of it. This content must satisfy the search intention of the users, managing to solve their needs without having to visit several pages to obtain the expected result.

This content must be well written, preferably by humans without using artificial intelligence. It is recommended that all the information provided include specific content, since general content abounds on the Internet, and due to high competition, the contribution of relevant and original information makes a difference in terms of quality.

In addition, the content must build trust towards the readers. Companies in specific niches must demonstrate through the information they provide that they are experts in their respective sectors. This trust allows the possibilities of contact or purchase to be increased.


On Page Links

The On Page links are those that connect the pages within the same website. Its objective is that the user can browse the Web finding the information they are looking for in the most comfortable way possible. This information may be spread across different pages, and conveniently navigating between them as you require additional information on certain topics enhances your experience.

The proportionality of links with respect to the text must also be taken into account. Do not put excessive links between the information, since it makes reading uncomfortable.

Off Page Links

Off Page links or backlinks are those included in third-party websites pointing to their own pages. These backlinks indicate to search engines the trust they have towards the website in question, so their quality and quantity is very relevant in highly competitive searches.

However, low quality links penalize positioning. This is so because companies have emerged in recent years that try to deceive search engines by offering a large number of links from pages with lousy domain authority, or that directly do not exist or will cease to exist in the short term. Once the search engines discover that those links no longer exist, the page is penalized.

Luckily, there are methods to generate quality backlinks from third-party pages, such as including a post on another page with a link to your own, registering the website with URLs in directories, or exchanging banners with other websites. Some companies like MOZ, offer free Google extensions to find out the number of competitor links and domain authority.

Web authority

Domain authority is another fundamental factor in search results. This authority is determined by a multitude of parameters related to the search algorithm. Although these parameters are not public, the tools that offer domain authority ratings are usually quite accurate.

This authority can be both domain and each page.

Domain Authority

The domain authority indicates the valuation of the search engines regarding the domain in a generic way. The links received, the quality of the content, the technology used, the volume of traffic received... are taken into account on average for all the pages.

To stand out in a certain industry, it's important that all Pages are related to that industry and independently have good authority.

Page Authority

Regarding the authority of the page, the valuation of each page individually is taken into account. Therefore, the page may have a different authority than the domain. To improve the authority of the page, its content must be updated regularly, include quality links, and ensure that it does not contain technical errors such as broken links or slow loading speed.

Free tools to improve SEO

Official SEO Tools

There are many tools to help in the positioning of websites. Some offer information about traffic and audience behavior, such as Analytics and Search Console , Google's reference tools to analyze web traffic data and learn everything related to organic visits. They provide information about the devices from which it is accessed, linked links, origin of the visits, volume of traffic, and a multitude of relevant data to understand and improve the SEO of the website.

Data Analysis Tools

Other tools help in data analysis, to know the authority of the page, related keywords to improve the content, as well as other aspects to study the competition. The best known are Semrush and Ahref , which provide quality information for the study and behavior of the pages.

Direct help tools for positioning

However, there are not only tools that help improve SEO parameters. Other tools like the platform Uthorp , directly allow users for free to create landing pages that position automatically and that include links to the companies' reference websites to boost their positioning. This platform also allows you to create news in trusted digital media, to include more quality backlinks and positively influence the SEO of web pages.

How to use Artificial Intelligence to improve your SEO

In recent months, a multitude of artificial intelligence software have emerged, which represent a great advance and help to improve SEO.

The best known are Bard from Google and GPT-chat from Microsoft. These artificial intelligences are of great help to get ideas, recommendations in the structure of the page, advice on titles and scripts that the content should follow, as well as the writing of the content itself.

However, artificial intelligence offers information that is the result of searches about what other users have already published on the network. This means a loss of originality on the information provided, so it is always advisable to use these tools as an aid, but never apply them as an end in themselves. The content obtained must be edited by such people in order to ensure that the information is correct, as well as to provide additional quality content.


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