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Progressive Web App

Google created the Progressive Web App (PWA) to bring a smooth user experience to a website when the Internet connection is slow or unavailable.

It has also developed tools and technologies to facilitate their creation and distribution.


This application is characterised by the following advantages:

  • Installation: The APP is installed on the user's device in the same way as all other applications, to guarantee navigability even when offline. This usability is due to offline caching and storage technology.
  • Notifications: Allows notifications to be sent to the user, whether or not the application is in use.
  • Responsive design: By loading quickly, AMP pages can encourage user interaction with the content, as the user does not have to wait as long to access the content.
  • Reduced data consumption: The PWA layout can automatically adapt to the screen size and orientation of any device.
  • Security: The execution of applications is always in a secure environment, which protects them against attacks and fraud.

How to install PWA

To install Progressive Web App on a website, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Create a manifest.json file in the root directory of the page. This file should contain basic information about the application, such as name, icon and splash screen.
  2. Add a link to the manifest.json file in the head section of the index.html file.
  3. The website must support HTTPS, PWAs only work on secure websites.
  4. Use the Service Worker API to allow the application to work offline. It is possible to do this by adding a JavaScript file that registers a service worker and sets up the cache.

To check that the application has been installed correctly, it is important to test it on a mobile device or in a browser that supports PWAs. It should be possible to install the application on the user's device by clicking on an "Add to home screen" or similar button.

Please note that these steps are a general guide and may vary depending on the structure of the website and the development platform.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Test

Google offers the possibility to check if PWA is correctly installed from theLighthouse Audit. The "Progressive Web App" option must be checked before generating the report, and when it is done it will show whether it is suitable or not.

Example of Progressive Web APP

The bestseotechnology website is an example of a PWA. Regarding large companies, some like Uber, Twitter and Facebook are already using it.

How to take advantage of PWA for my website

The PWA they are practices with web APIs that seek to improve and satisfy the user experience and the needs of customers so that they are easy to install and fast pages.

By storing the resources in this way, the web has a much higher loading speed and users access it directly as if they were applications.

The result is an improvement in positioning thanks to a superior user experience. This comfort allows users to browse the web page for longer, reduces the bounce rate since the page loads instantly, and increases the conversion rates of the number of visitors who return to the web.

Why is PWA important?

Various studies have shown that loading speed is a fundamental factor, since a delay in access causes a very high dropout rate. In addition to AMP, PWA is another fundamental factor that helps in this regard.

But it not only improves the user experience and positioning, it also increases the sales ratio. The percentage of potential customers who buy on a website that can load instantly is between 20% and 50% more than if the page takes a few seconds to load.

In case those seconds are more than 3 or 4, more than half of the users leave the page and do not make the purchase.

The final intention of companies is always to get the maximum number of customers, whether they contact to get information about services that interest them, or buy directly in the online store.

Therefore, developing web pages that include Progressive Web App is a fundamental factor that companies must take into account.

PWA Impact

According to data provided by the official Google pages, the Chrome Dino game, which is offered when a user is offline, is played more than 270 million times a month. This impressive data demonstrates the reliability that users have and, above all, the enormous advantage of being able to use it for users who have a very low connection, or who do not have it at all.

Another example is the Clipchamp company, dedicated to video editing. This increased its monthly growth by 97% through users who installed its PWA. Also, for services like yours, the speed at which they can use your tool increases if they don't need to connect to the Internet.

The applications are understood by the users to be used regardless of the connection they have. In this sense, converting the pages with PWA supposes an added advantage in the reliability of the users, and an improvement in the rate of return towards the page.

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