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Programming with code

Google's goal is to provide users with the information they are looking for as quickly and completely as possible.

For this reason, one of the fundamental factors that it values is the loading speed , as slow loading worsens the user experience..

This is why programming with code is so important. Templates such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Wix… are an excellent choice for companies that do not have the means to hire a professional programming service. These templates allow you to apply a wide variety of designs and functionalities in an economical way, which achieves a professional and corporate result.

However, this very virtue is also a major flaw in Google's view, as the page loads all the code when visited, even if only 10% or 15% of the template is used. As a result, it slows down the loading time, which will never be 100% optimal.

Other benefits of pages programmed with code

In addition to loading speed, there are additional benefits that make programmatic pages technologically superior to templates.

  • Customisation: A website programmed from scratch allows a greater degree of customisation and adaptation to the specific needs of the business or project.
  • Optimisation: When programming a website from scratch, optimisation techniques can be implemented to improve performance.
  • Security: By not relying on a pre-existing template, the risk of known vulnerabilities or security exploits is reduced.
  • Scalability: A website programmed from scratch is more easily scalable and adaptable to future changes in business or site needs.
  • Control: The site owner has more control over the design and functionality of the site by programming it from scratch.

Contract development with cutting-edge technology for SEO

In recent years, companies have understood the value of positioning in Google, as it is the search engine most visited by potential customers to search for products or services that interest them. The value of positioning has multiplied, and companies are investing more and more resources in standing out in the top positions.

The only option to outperform the competition is to have perfect SEO technology, as "good enough" SEO technology work is already commonplace among companies, and does not make a difference. The use of templates or other rapid development methods are really useful in many aspects, excellent for functionalities and designs, but it will never be the option that guarantees optimal positioning.

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